Collection One: Spring 2021

Writing for Change Journal

In this introductory collection of the Writing for Change Journal, we asked the greater Boise community to submit their reflections and reactions to the challenges of the past year. We received submissions from Boise State students, local high school students, and other community members. 



What we found is that somewhere between the still-unfolding global pandemic, the seen and unseen inequalities revealed and exacerbated through the health crisis, the racial justice reckoning on police and criminality, the divisive political rhetoric, and the ongoing environmental catastrophe–these writers and artists have managed to find strength through community. Within these works is hope for a shared world in which we rise together, respond together, and in actions large and small, we find new ways to be accountable to each other.


Editorial Board

The vision for this collection—in addition to the design, layout, and the collaborative editing process with contributors–is made possible by the work of our editors, Natalia DiGiosia and Becky Wilson. Mitch Gentry provided early creative work that contributed to the success of this collection. These editors not only made our first collection possible, but helped to design and create this publishing space.




 Black Lives Matter Vigil

Fiona Montagne

On June 2nd, 2020, thousands of people gathered under the Idaho Capital, with black clothes and electric tea lights, to mourn the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and many other victims of police violence.

Fiona Montagne documented this peaceful evening.  

Combatting Period Poverty in Boise

Kristen Ahrend

“Mallori tells us that the central belief of the Boise Period Project is that any menstruator should have access to products. Whether homeless, low income, or no matter what the situation is, they don’t believe that anyone should ever struggle or have to choose between putting food on the table or buying menstrual products.”

Twenty –Twenty

Michalah Sherman

“Twenty deaths in twenty minutes

from a force seen not by the eye 

but felt by the utter magnitude of loss.”


Climate Change and Idaho Bears

Baily Hazzard

“Yet the science shows that we are in fact seeing evidence of climate change and its effect on the ecosystems in Idaho. There are many species of wildlife which could be studied to observe these effects, and a few notable species who have already been studied are the bears of Idaho.”

the Downtown Teaching Farm

Natalia DiGiosia

There’s something about turning the compost and watching what once was old bits of vegetable transform into soil over a few months. It’s beautiful. It’s not magical, but it does create a connection that helps ground us. That’s a place where a lot of young people are struggling, to keep their feet on the ground.” 

– Alison Ward

The Place of Modern Christianity 

Michael Tremain

“Each of my four siblings and I have long personal histories of being told we’re going to hell. I am the son of a Nazarene pastor, and attended my father’s church until I left home.”



Sad Flower

Lauren Roth


 “When issues occur, we must continue to have hope so that we can work towards change for a better and cleaner future.” 

Covid-19 and Small Businesses

James Karel

“From businesses, to restaurants, to schools, it seems like every industry and type of job was hit. One of the largest issues I’ve seen is the impact of coronavirus on small businesses. Because of covid, everybody has had to reevaluate how they work, and small businesses have had to adapt to the pandemic.”


Vienne Aberle

Being afraid for their safety and their lives, the anxiety that comes with simply existing in a heteronormative world with little protection has a severe impact on the mental wellbeing of LGBTQ individuals.

Kids These Days 

Katrina Wright 

“We recognize our prejudice, 

organize behind righteousness, 

give voice to the voiceless…”

Movin’ On

Lauren Roth

“This piece signifies the truth that we have no influence on when change comes, we only have the ability to control how we react. We, represented by the house, can either crumble under the pressure of change, represented by the hand, or we can grow stronger from it.”


Jack Weisensel

“What is a human? 


What does it mean to be human?

Threads interweaving within threads.”

Becky Wilson

A Blue Lives Matter flag is flown for a person who chooses to put on a blue uniform every day. A Black Lives Matter flag is flown in solidarity with those who cannot choose their skin color, but seek equal justice under the law.

 Homeless in The City of Trees   

Kacey Frickel 

“The majority of citizens and municipalities in the Treasure Valley recognize that homelessness is an issue that can be solved.”


 Fighting The Fascist Inside Me 

Emerson Soule

“The events that followed that day opened my eyes to the ways that I was being indoctrinated into becoming a fascist and marked a turning point in my life.”