image provided by Olivia Brandon

reflections in nature

Olivia Brandon

I lie beneath the weeping willow, it cries along with me. 

Its branches mingle with my tears in solidarity. 

I stand upon a mountaintop, my shouts are filled with joy. 

The wind ruffles my hair and dress, its whisper soft and coy. 

I let my fingers trail the grass as I run by the lake. 

Nature knows no hurry, nothing seems to be at stake. 

Yet if nature seems to feel my qualms, my triumphs, and my strife– who am I to say it’s

different from my complex human life? 

Olivia Brandon is a junior at Boise State majoring in English Literature with a minor in writing for change. Olivia hopes that through her writing, love of media coverage and storytelling, she is able to create work that inspires and helps others to feel heard. Nature and environmental literature are two things she finds herself constantly drawn to and she wants her work to reflect that.

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