• In March 2023, Governor Brad Little signed Senate Bill 1100 into law. When the law goes into effect in January 2024, it will prevent transgender and gender nonconforming students from using school facilities that correspond with their gender identity. 
  • Just two weeks later, Governor Little passed House Bill 71, making it a felony to give transgender and gender nonconforming patients under age 18 puberty blockers and hormone treatments
  • Currently, there are no official statewide protections for people on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity in the areas of employment, housing, and public accommodations. 

Check back here toward the end of January: Kyle Boggs at the Writing for Change Journal is making a short film from footage and interviews provided by The Idaho Sierra Club, highlighting the importance and joy of OUTdoors Idaho. Stay tuned!

OUTdoors Idaho

Amanda Reed, Chapter Organizer

OUTdoors Idaho is a queer-only outings group that aims to build LGBTQ+ community in Idaho's outdoors. 

Queer people in Idaho love and find comfort in nature, but are often unable to access it, or feel uncomfortable and unsafe doing so. Idaho is full of natural wonders, but it fails communities when it comes to inclusive health care, antidiscrimination laws, and other protections. 

Vienne Aberle, Communications and Advancement Coordinator 

Idaho’s hateful political environment toward queer people can pose challenges not only to queer folks’ physical and mental health, but also to their safety. Even just existing and being in public can be dangerous for many queer folks in parts of our state, and that includes getting outside in the natural spaces Idahoans love. Openly queer adventurers, including some of our participants, have faced harassment and even physical threats to their safety in Idaho’s natural spaces. 


If you’re a queer person and you want to head out to a hike in a rural area of Idaho, there may be a certain level of fear that goes along with that. That’s part of our motivation for creating OUTdoors Idaho: we get out in a large group and show up in places where many queer folks might not feel comfortable exploring alone. 


Another key component of our program is reducing the barriers that folks face to getting outdoors. On every trip, we cover food, transportation support if needed, and any gear or supplies rentals that folks need to participate on the trip. It’s important to us that our trips are free of charge to the community. Many of our outings (like our recent camping trip) require gear that is expensive and that many people don’t have. We want our program to be a place for folks to meet new people, build queer community, and try out outdoor activities that they may not have explored before. 


Above all, our program focuses on building community between queer folks in our state. Shared identity groups can have huge benefits on a person’s wellbeing, and can help ease feelings of isolation that many queer folks face. Our hope is that OUTdoors Idaho can create a sense of connectedness, belonging, and inclusion in each new Idaho outdoor space we explore. We love nature, and we all deserve to feel safe here. We all belong here. 

See here for more information on how to be more involved, on how to attend, even lead outings.

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