photo courtesy of Charlee Andree 

Hotspring Head

Charlee Andree

Oscillations of the brain,

(Hotspring heads),

rip and tear, 

left and right, up and down

A walking, scalding,

                   running, cold



               Hot spring heads like to run to rivers 

(It cools them down, you know? Like medication)

                but cold water can’t save

Like the

                     DOCTOR CAN!


(but it sure helps.)

           Hot spring head 

Smells like non stop sulfur,

           Rotten eggs inside, 


boiling, roiling and fizzing

           Until brain just       GEYSERS!


The aftermath was ugly:

               Yolks dripping, bloody from ears

Mudstained Tear Eyes

               Broken soul like branches. 


But hotspring head still had the water to rush to, 

               Hurrying to a frozen embrace,

               Stopping the steam, soothing the scald.

Hotspring head could




My name is Charlee Andree. I'm a fourth generation Idahoan and have grown up in Boise. I live with bipolar disorder and identify as a queer woman. I study English and Math Education at Boise State and am passionate about justice, community involvement, and supporting individuals' diverse and unique identities.

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