Collage art by Charlee Andree

Dance for Justice

Charlee Andree

My inspiration for "Dance for Justice" came from a dance showcase that I experienced in early November. I wanted to communicate the graceful joy I experienced while weaving in a connection to nature. It's so easy to grieve the state of our environment so I challenged myself to emphasize joy and gratitude within a call for justice. 
The image I especially love is the lotus blooming from the dancer's chest. It almost seems as if she is unleashing creation from her chest, as the lotus can represent rebirth.
I hope this piece helps others notice the joy and beauty around them. Maybe they'll even be moved to dance for justice, too!

My name is Charlee Andree. I'm a fourth generation Idahoan and have grown up in Boise. I live with bipolar disorder and identify as a queer woman. I study English and Math Education at Boise State and am passionate about justice, community involvement, and supporting individuals' diverse and unique identities.

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