Collection Four: Break the Ice (before it melts)


Our fourth full collection centers the climate crisis as a significant and ever present reality in our lives. The fact of climate change is with us in our day-to-day lives, haunting our visions of the future, but also strengthening our commitments to each other and our communities.The selected works reflect a gauntlet of thoughts and emotions that reflect frustration and profound anxiety, but also hope as we reimagine and build a better world together.

Our Editors

This collection is made possible in part through our amazing editors, Juliana Rennó B. and Sabina Barber. Juliana specialized in accessibility assessment, making many improvements to the site in this collection and moving forward. Sabina’s creativity and careful attention to detail have helped give shape to this collection.



Orange and red maple leaf amongst other fallen brown leaves

Seasons Change

Hailey Pike

“I’m a goldfish whose bowl has begun to bubble beneath the blistering sun.”

Image of yellow flowers with green stems, a Spartium "Spanish Bloom"

Anxious Bug

Sheryln Beccera

“Seething stomach burns bleed out. 
Worry swallows a 
skin-deep vortex in my chest.”

three hot spring pools surrounded by pine trees

Cascade, Idaho

Naomi Trueman

“victims, culprits, consumers
we try our best to unlearn and recreate” 


digital image of an mystical white being in the woods standing behind a shrub

Faced to Face

Sierra Santosuosso

“She laughs in flowers.
Cries in rain.
Smiles in sunshine.
Whispers in wind.”

Circular water trop resting on a rock with a sunset behind it, but in the drop, there is a reversed image of sky and the ground

The Earth Monologue

Heidi Kraay

“More than ninety-nine percent of our organisms who ever lived are gone forever.

I loved them all, as I love you.”

Setting sun in the desert, orange and black colors. There is a silhouette of a cactus in the right bottom section of sun and the cactus follow's the sun's curvature

Not Everyone Can Be a Hero: Gold Fame Citrus as the Everywoman’s Guide Through The Slow Apocalypse

Amanda Carruth

“In most climate change novels, the big question that authors ask readers is ‘how are you going to spend your remaining time on earth?'”

Fallen pine tree broken in half surrounded other pine trees

The Power Of Nature:
Climate Change or The Hand Of God?

Amelia Mae Coleman

“The tree started coming down. Mice and rats started escaping by running out from the inside of the stump where the dirt and roots came out of the ground. The entire tree came up and broke in half.”


The Little Colorado River meets the Colorado River known as The Confluence at the Grand Canyon. (Photo courtesy of EcoFlight.)

Save the Colorado River

Veronica Yellowhair

“When we arrived at the top of the canyon, we became what we are called today: Dine’ (Navajo people).

Now, we need to save the Colorado River from extinction.”