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Teaching and Learning in a Pandemic

“Sometimes…one person’s story becomes the point of entry to larger territories” 

-Rebecca Solnit, The Faraway Nearby, 194.​​

This collection begins from the premise that we can all learn from and can be inspired by each other in ways that lift each other up and empower our communities. To be clear, the Covid 19 pandemic has and continues to be a great source of pain, frustration, alienation, and trauma. While our previous collection focused on how we continue to cope through this period, our third collection calls for submissions that shift our focus to teaching and learning, to the ways we have been agents of change during this time. What we have learned and what we have taught others in the face of unprecedented challenges reveals our strength and resilience. 

Lockdowns, quarantines, and social distancing provided unexpected time and space to explore ourselves, develop new habits, and find creative outlets. Suddenly being forced to work or study from home changed our environments, our responsibilities, our priorities, and even shifted our sense of time and space as we reoriented ourselves. That which had been taken for granted became clearer, and we learned through that recognition. For this collection of the journal, we invite you to share your personal story of change. How and what have you learned during the strange space of the pandemic? Have you developed new hobbies or interests, and what have they taught you? How did you struggle and what did you learn? Are you learning something now, and what is it? Perhaps you started journaling, or read more books, or learned to sew. Share the things you learned or helped to teach others, whether these are practical skills, or personal ones like learning to take space and time for yourself. Has learning to make bread taught you patience? Has learning to sew taught you how to improvise or become more self-sufficient?

Sometimes, however, change comes about because of necessity. Perhaps you struggled with separating home and work or school. Maybe you couldn’t do it all. Maybe you got burned out. Maybe you got cabin fever. Perhaps you reached a breaking point and something had to change. And so, out of need, you changed and learned and grew in ways you never could have otherwise imagined. You learned to live alone. You learned how to adapt. You learned how to find love and express love in new ways. 

We want to hear these stories in a variety of formats, from personal essays and interviews, to poetry, and forms of visual and mixed media art from photography to drawing/painting, video, how-to guides, zines, podcasts, and combinations therein.

Submission details

The Writing for Change Journal is a multimodal publishing space, and therefore welcomes submissions beyond traditional written texts like essays and other forms of nonfiction writing like prose, interviews, and personal narratives. Submissions may also be in the form of photography, visual and performance art, podcasts, film, and combined mediums and those yet to be imagined. Though we may ask you to include a paragraph or two about your process and intention as it relates to this collection’s theme. Creative and collaborative submissions are also welcomed.